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The Master Edition is the ultimate expression of detail, artist involvement, and collectibility of any edition issued by the Publisher. Each Master Edition is extensively hand-highlighted by the artist himself. Enhancing the exclusivity of the Master Edition is the personal touch of the artistÍs unique thumbprint and Master Edition Seal located on the back of the canvas. To signify authenticity, the Master Edition is hand-signed in metallic ink by Thomas Kinkade. Each Master Edition is numbered, with the letters ME following the print number, and bears a unique and highly detailed pencil remarque. The Master Edition is limited to distribution through Signature Galleries and Thomas Kinkade Corporate Galleries.


The Studio Proof is created using the brushwork-textured canvas process, a method of building texture into the canvas, adding depth, and even further approximating the original paintings. These are limited to a variable edition size, not to exceed 4% of the S/N edition. The S/P features superior framing and certification materials. Each piece is hand highlighted by Thomas Kinkade, who also remarques it with a detailed sketch on the verso side. Studio Proofs feature a hand signature (gold) in addition to the DNA security signature on the front of the canvas.


The Renaissance Edition, like the S/P, also features the brushwork-textured process. These are limited to a variable edition size, not to exceed 8% of the S/N edition. In addition to an R/E designation next to the print number, the Renaissance Edition is distinguished by a special gold foil-stamped R/E seal on the canvas stretcher bar and a hand signature (black) by Thomas Kinkade on the front of the canvas. A unique R/E “Water Mark” remarque also appears on the verso side of the canvas. To further enhance the Renaissance Edition, a Thomas Kinkade master highlighter paints the hand highlights. The master highlighter has undergone intense training under the guidance of Thomas Kinkade and has developed a keen and precise ability to enhance his work. The finished product, therefore, is a singular, original piece of artwork. R/E’s also feature premium framing.


The International Proof is reserved for distribution outside of the United States only. The International Proof canvases are individually hand-highlighted. Each features a gold foil stamp on the front and may have a watermark remarque on the verso side of the canvas. Each is also designated with the letters IP following the print number.


The Publisher Proof is available exclusively through Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries and is the most exclusive of the general editions. They feature Thomas Kinkade’s authorized security signature featuring DNA technology and are marked with a P/P designation next to the number and feature a stamp on the canvas stretcher bar identifying it as a P/P. Hand highlights beautifully complete the piece, and a corresponding certificate of authenticity accompanies it. Limited to only 18% of the S/N releases, P/P’s are priced $200 above S/N suggested retail prices at issue. Each is available in your choice of frame.


Gallery Proofs are limited to 35% of S/N releases, and are priced about $150 above S/Ns at issue. In addition to Thomas Kinkade’s authorized security signature, an individual number with a G/P designation, a Certificate of Authenticity, and individual hand highlights, Gallery Proofs feature a special G/P remarque in the plate for each image. Each is available in your choice of frame.


Artist Proofs are only available through Showcase Premier Kinkade Dealers and above. A special stamp on the canvas stretcher bar, and the A/P designation can identify artists Proofs after the print number. These are limited to only 20% of the S/N releases and are priced about $150 above the S/N suggested retail price. Each is available in your choice of frame.


The Standard Number is the least exclusive edition and is available through all authorized limited edition dealers. Each is available in your choice of frame.

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  • Testimonials

    “The paintings look beautiful in our home - even more so than before, with the highlights completed at the highlighting event making for a marvelous presentation of light. Keep up the great work and we look forward to adding to our collection with pieces from your Gallery!”

    - Michael &Catherine Taeschler

    “Bringing a Kinkade into your home is not just an investment; it is a way to bring light and joy into your life. The paintings are topics of conversation when guests arrive viewing them for the first time or upon subsequent visits searching for the final hidden "N" in the art. You will immediately feel the light and hope of Thomas's work when you place your first Kinkade over the mantel in your living room or when placing your 20th painting in the guest bedroom.”

    J. & S. Milbranet - Limerick, PA

    “I've purchased three paintings from you and always enjoyed wonderful service.”

    K. Adams - Princeton, NJ